Joel Richardson is a New York Times best selling author, film maker, and teacher. Joel grew up in the Boston area and currently resides with his wife and five children in Missouri. With a special love for all peoples of the Middle East, Joel travels globally teaching on the subjects of the gospel, living with biblical hope, and the return of Jesus. He is the author of several books including NYT best seller Islamic Antichrist 2009, Mideast Beast 2012, When a Jew Rules the World 2015, and Mystery Babylon 2017. Joel has produced a number of documentaries highlighting the Arab/Israeli conflict in the Middle East.
JoAnn Doyle and her husband Tom have been married for 37 years and have 6 children and 4 grand children. JoAnn was a pastor’s wife for 20 years before God called the Doyle’s into full time mission work in the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa for e3 Partners in 2001.

What surprised JoAnn most of all is that soon after she began her work in the region God birthed in her a heart for the women of the Middle East and especially Muslim women. “I was not in the least attracted to them and their needs but soon God broke my heart for them. I was truly able to see them through our Father’s eyes.”

This led JoAnn to launch a ministry for Women in the Middle East named Not Forgotten. The team has ministered in Israel, Egypt, Gaza, The West Bank, Jordan, Lebanon, Afghanistan, India and right here in the United States. The ministry reaches out to all women of the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia but specifically is called to reach Muslim women with the love of Christ.

JoAnn leads expeditions for women to the region and speaks in many churches and women’s groups throughout North America. Her goal is to inspire women to have a heart for Muslim women and to be Jesus to them. She often surprises congregations when she comes out in a burqa as Shazadah from Afghanistan or Dori from Saudi Arabia.

JoAnn is also the guest on various national radio programs such as the Moody radio network with Chris Fabry, and Charles Dyer. She also co-wrote Breakthrough-The Return of Hope to the Middle East with Tom. Worship and prayer is the heart of JoAnn’s life along with a deep love for her family.

Tom Doyle fell in love with the Middle East on his first Biblical tour of the Holy Land. In 1995, he became an official tour guide for the state of Israel and developed a passion for ministering to the Israeli people, Arabs and Jews alike. Tom felt called into full-time ministry there in 2001 and joined e3 Partners as the Middle Eastern branch director.
Tom and his wife JoAnn began working in the heart of the Islamic world shortly after the terrorist attacks of September 11. His ministry to pastors in this region has opened many valuable doors for him to build key relationships in places like Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Syria and Palestinian territories of Israel. Tom’s relations with both Arabs and Jews have paved the way for many churches to be planted and cultivated.
Tom is a master storyteller with several books highlighting God’s miraculous work among the Muslim people. His best known books include Dreams and Visions 2012, Killing Christians 2015, and Standing in the Fire 2017.
Dr. Nelson Walters is the Director of The Gospel in the End Times Ministries, an international ministry dedicated to helping the Church fulfil her God-ordained call in the Last Days. Nelson is a Bible teacher, songwriter and speaker. A popular blogger, he exhorts and encourages millions on the blog The Gospel in the End Times. He is also the author of the books, Revelation Deciphered (2016), Are We Ready for Jesus (2015), and Rapture: Case Closed (2017).
David Orlo Dykes grew up in South Alabama where he came to know the Lord as a child and started preaching at age 17. After a number of pastorates in the south, he was called to be the senior pastor of Green Acres Baptist Church in East Texas. An avid history buff and amateur Israeli educational tour guide, Dykes has lead 26 tours throughout Israel and considers the Holy Land the perfect classroom to teach biblical truths. Dykes has authored fifteen books, two of which are novels based in Jerusalem, and centered around the Israeli/Arab conflict. His books include TheCloud Strike Prophecy 2013 and The Jerusalem Protocol 2016. Dykes is married with two grown daughters.
Mark Davidson is an expert on Bible end time prophecy and the author of Daniel Revisited: Discovering the Four Mideast Signs Leading to the Antichrist, 2012, published by Thomas Nelson, and most recently, Iran’s Great Invasion and Why It’s Next in Bible Prophecy, 2017. Mark is a graduate-degreed former Aerospace Engineer with a career that has spanned over thirty years. He and his wife live in Colorado.

Christopher Mantei serves as president of Wings of the Eagle, an online Christian resource networking the needs of the saints in 20 countries across the globe, linking believers to fellowship in areas hostile to the gospel. As host of Wings of the Eagle Radio, Christopher emerses his listeners in the messianic prophetic message found in the Bible. Christopher has worked with Voice of the Martyrs and Armageddon News, and is currently creating an immersive, online course called “The End Times For Beginners”.

Christopher has served as campaign manager and organizer for several national political candidates. Originally from the NYC area, he currently resides with his wife and two children in the Philadelphia area.

Misha Goetz For the past 10 years Misha has been a worshipper who has dedicated her life to the art of music and the ministry of worship.

Growing up as the only child to modern day psalmist Marty Goetz and his wife Jennifer, Misha’s earliest memories formed in Nashville behind the piano where she composed her first recorded song at the age of eight. “As a Messianic Jew, my dream is to unite Christian and Jew in worship of the Holy One of Israel,” says Misha. Her style of worship builds upon decades of her father’s ministry and yet incorporates her own youthful style and anointing.

Her first full-length album, Weight of Glory, was released summer 2013 to critical acclaim. Her debut album is a blend of Messianic and Christian worship styles with most of the songs written and produced by Misha herself. Above all, Misha’s desire is that her music would penetrate to the heart and usher people into the presence of the Adonai. Her heart is to see a generation touched and transformed through surrender in worship.

Misha currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband Joshua Hoyt, and their first child, Caleb Vincent Hoyt. She is currently working on her sophomore album entitled L’dor V’dor (From Generation to Generation) 2017.

Marty Goetz has been called a ‘Modern Day Psalmist’.  His songs are scriptures beautifully set to music, leaving listeners spiritually moved, inspired and edified.

Marty became a ‘Jew born anew’ when, provoked by the increasing number of ‘born agains’ in his life, he began reading the Bible, “looking for loopholes”. A few short weeks later, sitting alone one night on a friend’s balcony, he realized with certainty that “the Jesus of the New Testament was the Messiah my Jewish people have been longing for.”

He has been recording music steadily since 1985, and today lives outside of Nashville, Tennessee with his wife Jennifer, who also is a Jewish believer in Jesus. They have one married daughter, Misha, who is herself, a worship leader and recording artist and a new grandson, Caleb Vincent Hoyt!